What is MP Kickass Collective all about?

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No one tells you how hard owning and growing a business or blog can be. Don’t make it harder by facing the hustle in isolation! Here’s where MP Kickass Collective can help.

We are an ever-evolving kickass supportive community for female business owners, creatives and bloggers. We are a collaborative, relationship building platform here to connect, support and empower you. MPKC wants you to foster amazing relationships and be yourself in a welcoming environment.

What make us difference? Well for starters, we say ‘no’ to Millennial Pink and ‘yes’ to bold ambition! We’re not just for the entrepreneur, we are for every female. Our jammed-packed social calendar gives you the balance you need to take a break from your business and live your best life.


Our commitment to supporting women is not just fluff. in 2018, MPKC launched a 6 month scholarship program to help give the recipient all the tools and knowledge available in our live events. Watching businesses go from strength to strength and share their successes is what we are all about. Watch this space to apply for our next scholarship in early 2020.

Here at MP Kickass Collective, we pay our speakers and facilitators and purchase from local women-led businesses for our goodie bags.

The Face Behind MP Kickass Collective

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A self-confessed geek who loves to wear black, you’ll find me in my jeans and converse sporting a ‘mum bun’. That’s me! I enjoy learning and the challenge of problem solving. I can’t survive without my starter coffee in the morning and continue to ‘try’ and work out the juggle of motherhood and owning two businesses. #thejuggleisreal.

My background is in marketing, tourism and local government and l always knew I would own my own business someday. I started my business Lil’ Travellers while on maternity leave with our third child so l know too well, the highs and lows of owning and growing a business.

When seeking a supportive business community that i felt comfortable in, I came to realise that the stuffy and stale traditional business networks were not for me. IT was intimidating to walk into a room full of well-established business owners and to be asked for a business card (I didn’t have one at the time).

So, I decided to create my own community where everyone is valued and welcome. I base a lot of my decisions on my gut instinct and insight in to running a business and hope the offerings resonate with the MP Kickass Collective community. I am learning ALL the time and really try to be reactive to what the community needs and wants.

Welcome to the MP Kickass Collective. l do things a little differently here (no business cards, I promise) and my hope is that you feel comfortable, supported and empowered to learn and grow your business with us.