Authentic Connection and Support for Kickass Biz Babes.

Are you ready to meet your tribe of like-minded business owners?

We’re a crew of bold women business owners, bloggers and creatives who support and empower each other to dream big. You’ll find us on the Mornington Peninsula. Regular workshops, social events and online support means that our community will always have your back. And the best part? No membership or joining fees. Think of it us as the modern networking done differently. Engage as little or as much as you want while kicking ass in business.



The MP Kickass Workshops are designed specifically for you. We’ll bring you the business know-how and inspiration that you need to step up and step out of your comfort zone.

Women- Led Directory

Join the to-go directory for women-led businesses and blogs on the Mornington Peninsula. This isn’t just a directory listing, it’s a whole promotional package.

About Us.

We say ‘no’ to Millennial Pink and ‘yes’ to bold ambition! We’re not just for the entrepreneurs, we are for every female.

Events Calendar

5th September - Smart Phone Photography Workshop with Fi Mims

15th September - Breakfast Club (Venue TBA)

17th September - Co Working Morning at Casa De Playa, Mornington

9th October - Content Planning Workshop with Kate Fennessy

15th October - Co Working Morning at Casa De Playa, Mornington

27th October - Wine Day at Pier 10 , Shoreham

17th November - Breakfast Club (Venue TBA)

19th November - Co Working Morning at Casa De Playa, Mornington

8th December - Xmas Breakfast Club at Casa De Playa, Mornington (last event for the year)

  • please note these dates are subject to change

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